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Best Of Design Bedroom Walls

Best Of Design Bedroom Walls

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Tucked behind pine trees and shrubs and shrubs in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs of Chicago is my home. The grass was toothed and there was a prestige path to my front door from two colonial stories. From the outside you will never suspect the chaos in it. You see me working full time and also working at home with me so there never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish something.

I also have two teenagers who just say. With my nerves lately, I decided not to enter one of their rooms. I have thought that they are old enough to take responsibility and take care of their own environment. Until now the cleaning and change has fallen on my shoulders. My big idea that they want to help has accumulated to me about a month before.

Saturday morning arrived and there were activities I needed to get my kids. They were both still sleeping so I first entered my son’s room. I have to say only barley comes in. The bedroom door would only open an inch. I tried to push my way as I tumbled to the floor. There are clothes, books, dirty dishes among other items all over the room so I do not even know what it is.

I woke him up and could feel my blood boiling. Next I went to wake my daughter and deep inside me, I just found her room a mess too. Needless to say they both did not go to the activities scheduled that day.They both worked long hours in their room but when they were done, they came up to me and stated that their rooms were much to be desired.

Both rooms had been designed by me when they were young and they did not feel it stated who they were. They then say that the needs and goods they have gained over the years have greatly grown their rooms. Do not have an organization and a place that represents who they are. I listen to them and together we all find creative ideas. This article hopefully can help other families get in the right direction. This should give you tools and ideas to help make your life a little more orderly and calm.

I’ll start by putting down a road map my family has taken to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. The most important thing when decorating teenage bedroom walls is to let teenage input so that the room becomes a reflection of who they are. Teenagers live as stressful as we all so they need a place to retreat and feel comfortable.

They are still looking for who they are and designing their own room wall giving them a way out to express themselves creatively. Decisions on adolescent wall decoration will vary depending on the adolescent concerned. There are a number of different ideas for you to explore that will hopefully result in your teens a room that they can enjoy and a parent-approved look.

Be sure to take in the size of the room, your budget and the practicality of style. You also need to consider how late your teenage child will scale. Sensation and taste will change naturally between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. So make sure to step lightly with the fashion and trend that tend not to taste. After all you do not want to take this task again next year.

Bedroom Popular Paint Colors Interior Design Bedroom Colors Blue Bedroom Walls Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas
Bedroom Popular Paint Colors Interior Design Bedroom Colors Blue Bedroom Walls Navy Blue Bedroom Ideas

All we did was we all sat down with pens and papers. I then asked this question. What are you crazy and what makes you excited? I then asked them about hobbies, sports, and locations they liked to visit or topics they wanted to learn more about. I told them to write this down. Here’s a list of ideas they get: Dolphins, Birds, Abstract, Flowers, Sports, Space, Fashion, Animals, Music, Numbers, Moon and Sky. I recommend that they select an idea from the list and make this interest the center of their room.

We first saw many pictures of books and magazines and spent many hours selling on various decorating websites. We also watched some home decorating shows on television and went to the design center and talked to others to get some ideas. The first thing to realize is not in a hurry. Take your time as this will be the room you chill and hang out.

My daughter decided fashion as her bedroom theme while my son’s choice is especially football sport with the main theme being Bears. We then gathered in our car and went to the paint shop. We browsed through the many different colored paint chips to attract their attention and attention. My daughter picked up a green apple candy while my son was stuck with the bear colors of the navy and orange. All of these became popular colors according to the many hours of research we’ve been working on.

For one of their walls for each of their rooms, we bought paint that had a fake texture that seemed to shine and shine. They decide to leave this wall empty so they can continue to add additional items like posters from movies or concerts they’ve seen. In this way they always have space so they have room to grow and develop.

My son has found a line of beautiful weaving woven wall rugs from Soldier Field where the Bears make their home and play their games while in Chicago. He made this focal point of the room and put the Bears Players artwork around him. He also hangs kanji and passion from a signature that has been signed by his favorite player. He is also useful with wood and build shelves along one wall. Then with the border of wallpaper the ball drawing goes along the edge of the shelf. He can use this self to display trophies and have space left for his entertainment system.

While fashion is the main theme for my daughter’s room. He also spent hours searching for his perfect design. Like most girls she likes to shop and buy as many shoes and wallets as possible. So I was not at all surprised to see him pick a focal point for his room. It is a wall art made of strange purses. It’s cool, hip and definitely drowsy.

The wallet is made with stripes and whirls of polka spots and matches the candy green wall. They have white ribbons and are decorated by a screw metal cover and a silver-headed leg. This design is definitely unique and personal. There are three inches of the letter attached and painted with matching silver. He named the place by hanging every letter of his name on his bed. On the wall opposite the window he bought a silver-framed mirror that made the room look double-sized. It also comes with a messboard messenger center and saves colorful trash cans for lots of storage.

We then assigned a local art teacher from a public school near our house to paint on the mural on the wall opposite the wallet screen. My daughter artistically tended and drew sketches of abstract designs that had copied copies to the wall. It really enhances the customized look that will go through.

All I can say is it’s been about a year since we finished making their room a place they can call themselves. The best part is they keep their items in place and they spend a lot of time learning, laughing, entertaining their friends and most importantly keeping their rooms neat and tidy. Be patient, be creative, listen and if you follow these steps you will also have peace in your life.

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